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The HOPE of the OTR kids is simple: believe in ourselves and have HOPE that we can make it. The discipline and affirmation from Youth Hope is a beacon of light that causes many of them to lean forward.

The HOPE of our organization is: empower youth to believe in themselves and their future through meaningful programming, consistent affirmation, and many opportunities to grow.

The HOPE of our families is: Help create lasting partnerships with families and parents.

The HOPE of our community partners: Collaborate where necessary to inspire positive community impacts.

The HOPE of our volunteers: Meaningfully touch the communities, families and youth we serve.

The HOPE of our youth: Be confident, gain leadership, increase life skills, succeed in school, and be a positive role model in this community.

Mission Statement: The mission of Youth Hope is to provide low-income families and youth ages 7-18 years old with social, educational and recreational activities that (1) enhance personal talents (2) teach life skills (3) empower youth to make positive choices for themselves and their families, and (4) positively impact their future.

Youth Hope Cincinnati Inc. (YH) is a 501(c)(3) organization started in 2010, run entirely by volunteers with no central office. We work directly with youth and families in the Over the Rhine and West End neighborhoods every day. Our programming spans from youth employment at Findlay Market, free summer camps at Ziegler Park, partnership with Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) for Saturday Hoops, and the construction and operation of a full-care youth home near Rothenberg school. Our families and youth struggle each day with transportation, emergencies, educational inequity, financial struggles and housing. Our hardworking team consists of many dedicated individuals who selflessly devote their time to empowering youth. Some members of staff grew up in Over the Rhine and the West End, still living and working there. The need to serve is paramount each and every day.

Current Projects

Bags Kids

The Bags Kids project at Findlay Market started in late October 2016. Our youth ages 10-14 years old gain leadership skills, public speaking, employment opportunities and so much more through this project! With the help of students in the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art and Planning program (DAAP), our youth employees now offer Findlay Market shoppers bags through public wooden kiosks. Shoppers are encouraged to provide a donation to Youth Hope for their bag which benefits the youth’s employee fund and other YH programming. Adult volunteers work with youth throughout the shift times which provides leadership growth, enhances youth’s public speaking skills, and helps increase their self- respect and confidence.

Due to COVID-19, we have suspended this program for the 2020 season.

Interested in being an Adult Volunteer or have kids who could serve in this project? Click the button below to sign up!

Saturday Hoops

In partnership with Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) and Saturday Hoops, this program offers youth the opportunity to engage with meaningful programming on Saturdays from January to June. YH plays a crucial role in transporting youth, recruiting volunteers, operational needs and partnering with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. Saturday Hoops on average attracts 80 – 100 youth every Saturday. Activities at Saturday Hoops include: basketball, work out exercises, youth reading room, yoga, jump rope and art.

For more information about Saturday Hoops check out their direct link on CYC’s Website.

Stay tuned for more information about Saturday Hoops 2020.

Register Adults here: https://goo.gl/forms/yPYkXkRINnoZJi653

Register Kids (18 or under) here: https://goo.gl/forms/0SjBnELllqjNTtH02


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Ziegler Park Summer Camp

Ziegler Park Summer Camp powered by 3CDC and Youth Hope Cincinnati started in the summer of 2017, when the new park just opened in downtown Cincinnati. Located in the heart of downtown, Ziegler Park creates an engaging atmosphere for our youth and includes: playground facility, basketball courts and a full-size swimming pool featuring a diving board, rock climbing wall and lap lanes. In partnership, 3CDC and Youth Hope created a summer camp for youth ages 7-15 years old from the Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton neighborhoods. Campers participate daily in basketball, work out exercises, swimming, chess instruction and so much more! Every camper is provided the opportunity to learn from their Youth Mentors, who are current or recent high school graduates from Cincinnati Public Schools or neighboring districts.

2020 Ziegler Park Summer Camp Information

Ziegler Park Summer Camp powered by 3CDC will have limited campers due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Camp Activities Include: STEM Club, Basketball, Swimming (+ opportunity to join Zigler Park Swim Team!), Chess Instruction, Circuit Workouts, Pollinator Garden and so much more!

Do you have a 7-14 year old who is looking for a fun, engaging and memorable Summer Camp? Come join us this summer!

Camp Registration: Registration for this summer’s session is no longer open.

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Visit: https://zieglerpark.org/everybody-in/summer-camp/

Due to limited capacity, priority will be given to the Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton neighborhoods, on a first-come-first serve basis.

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Ziegler Park

Marcus Thompson watched his father suffer a heart attack and die while playing basketball with him as a kid. He said a lot of men stepped up in that absence. “Very much appreciated. Without them and their influence, my story could totally different,” Thompson said. “I consider it an honor to do for these kids what a lot of people did for me.”


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